Selection of past articles and interviews

"Body", Contemporary Art Daily, 2018

Alex Morrison at Komplot, Art Viewer, 2016

"Alex Morrison at the Contemporary Art Gallery Review", Anchovy Magazine, 2022

"Alex Morrison's Phantoms of a Utopian Will a complex undertaking " Robin Laurence, Georgia Straight, 2015

Jacquelyn Ross, Art Forum Critic's Pick, 2015

Renske Janssen "My House Is My World" Frieze online, 2013

Short story for Klasse Lucy Mckenzie

Roy Arden interviewed by Alex Morrison, 2011

Alex Morrison interviewed by Brad Phillips, 2010

Jerry Zaslove, ‘Silence, Counterfeit and Aesthetic Act
in Alex Morrison’s Vision of ‘Academic Freedom
as Academic’ – Installations of the Phantoms of a Utopian Will,’, 2008

Radical Gestures? Alex Morrison and Mai-Thu Perret in
conversation, Anne Low and Andrew Bonacina, 2006

notes on Housewrecker, 2002