Currently lives and works in Vancouver


-Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
-L'inconnue booth at NADA NYC, New York, New York
-White Columns booth at Independent Brussels
-Levy Delval Gallery, Brussels
-Komplot, Brussels
-Clint Roenisch Gallery, Toronto
-La Plage, Paris
-Mélange, Cologne, Germany
-Burnaby Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
-Simon Fraser University Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
-Natalia Hug Gallery, Cologne
-OG2 at Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne, Germany
-Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia
-Artspeak, Making Beer More Expensive, Vancouver, British Columbia
-Every Letter in the Alphabet, Vancouver, British Columbia
-CSA space, Vancouver
-Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Is Freedom Academic? , Vancouver, British Columbia
-Galerie Ritter&Staiff, Frankfurt, Germany
-Büro Friedrich, Berlin, Germany
-Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
-Henry Art Gallery, Alex Morrison, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
-Contemporary Art Gallery, Free Room, Vancouver, British Columbia
-Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Housewrecker, Vancouver, British Columbia
-Frankfurt Kunstverein, Frankfurt, Germany
-Mercer Union Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
-Eyelevel Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia


-Surrey Art Gallery, Through the Lattice, Surrey, British Columbia
-Hunt Gallery, A Word For Underfoot The Sun, Toronto
-Monte Clark Gallery, September, Vancouver
-Somerset House, Mushrooms, London, UK
-Index, two person exhibition with Tristan Unrau, Los Angeles
-Laure Genillard Gallery, “Out of Eye”, London, UK
-Wil Aballe Art Projects, Vancouver, Canada
-L’inconnue, Body, Montreal (curated by Domenico De Chirico)
-Palais Des Beaux Arts Bruxelles, “Somewhere in Between”, Brussels
-The Poetics of Space, Nanaimo Art Gallery, Nanaimo, British Columbia
-Longevity or Lack Thereof, MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie, Canada
-The Poetics of Space, Kamloops Art Gallery, Kamloops, British Columbia
-L’idee Normale, Levy Delval Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
-LMak Gallery, Loin Avec Moi, New York, New York
-Galerie PCP, Champingons, Paris, France
-The Living Room, Magical Wand and Granular Cloud, Antwerp, Belgium (curated by Xavier Mary)
-Hybrid Objects, L'inconnue, Montreal
-Trusses, Nanaimo Art Gallery, Nanaimo, Canada
-Catherine Vertige Collection, The Société, Brussels, curated by Sonia Dermience (upcoming)
-Objectional Practices, Central Art Garage, Ottawa, Canada
-Cut The World Until It Fits On The Back Of Your Hand, Clint Roenisch Gallery, Toronto
-Drawing je t'aime, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada
Stopping The Sun In It's Course, François Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles curated by Jesse Mckee
Poetics of Space, Vancouver Art Gallery (21.01.2014 - 24.05.2015 )
Blue Times, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria curated by Nicolaus Schafhausen and Amira Gad
Be Mysterious, Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff Center, Banff, Canada curated by Jesse Mckee
-Ein ahnungsloser Traum vom Park, Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach, Germany
-Material Information, curated by Juan Gaitán, Museum Industrie, Bergen, Norway
-Through A Glass, Darkly, Vancouver Art Gallery, Canada
-Melanchotopia, Witte de With, curated by Fabian Schoeneich, Anne-Claire Schmitz and Nicolaus Schafhausen, Rotterdam
-Domestic Lives:Works from the Permanent Collection, Surrey Art Gallery, Canada
-Cul de Sac, Varley Art Gallery, Markham, Ontario
-Contemporary Art Gallery, Following a Line, Vancouver, British Columbia
-National Gallery of Canada, It Is What It Is, Ottawa, Ontario
-17th Sydney Biennale, Sydney, Australia, curated by David Elliot
-Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, Cubes, Blocks and Other Spaces, Montreal, Quebec
-Trinity Square Video, Bred In At Least Modest Comfort, curated by Jean-Paul Kelly, Toronto, Ontario
-Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Loaded, Vancouver
-Hannover Kunstverein, Getting Even / Oppositions + Dialogues in Contemporary Art, curated by Matt Packer, Hannover, Germany
-Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Getting Even / Oppositions + Dialogues in Contemporary Art, curated by Matt Packer, Cork, Ireland
-Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, eXponential Future, curated by Scott Watson and Juan Gaitán, Vancouver, British Columbia
-Burnaby Art Gallery, Our Changing Landscape: Perspectives on and Interpretations of British Columbia (series III), Burnaby, British Columbia
-Art Gallery of Alberta, Generation, curated by Catherine Crowston, Edmonton, Alberta
-European Kunsthalle, Modelle für Morgen: Köln, curated by Vanessa-Joan Müller, Julia Höner and Nicolaus Schafhausen, Köln, Germany
-Kunstverein Wolfsburg, Canada Dreaming (Desires And Ideas For The Future By Artists Of The Biggest Country In America), Wolfsburg, Germany
-The Open Eye Club, Totally P.C., Glasgow International, Glasgow, Scotland
-Royal College of Art, Again for Tomorrow, London, UK
-Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Die Jugend von heute/Youth of Today, Frankfurt, Germany
-Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren, Unheimlich Jung, Kaufbeuren, Germany
-Catriona Jeffries, 274 East 1st, Vancouver, British Columbia
-Witte de With, Street: Behind the Cliché, curated by Renske Janssen and Nicolaus Schafhausen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
-Champion Fine Art: 2003-2005, Art 2102, Los Angeles, California
-Edmonton Art Gallery, Re: Building the World, Edmonton, Alberta
-Confederation Centre Art Gallery, Curb Appeal, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
-White Columns,Post No Bills, New York, New York curated by Matthew Higgs
-Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Mix With Care, Vancouver, British Columbia
-Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, Projections, Montréal, Québec
-Städtische Galerie Waldkraiburg,Unheimlich Jung, Waldkraiburg, Germany
-Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren, Unheimlich Jung, Kaufbeuren, Germany
- Boys keep swinging, curated by Mai-thu Perret, Champion Fine Art, New York, New York
-Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, I feel mysterious today, Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, Lake Worth, Florida
-Aspex, Homemade, Portsmouth, UK
-Vancouver Art Gallery, Drawing the World: Masters to Hipsters, Vancouver, British Columbia
-Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, Making Space, curated by November Paynter, Beyoglu, Istanbul
-Platform Gallery, Group of Seven, London, England
-Nylon Gallery, Geometers, curated by Simon Morrissey, London, UK
-Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Das Spyder Män, curated by Irene Tsatsos, Los Angeles, California
-Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Signage, Vancouver, British Columbia
-Contemporary Art Gallery, Satan Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas, curated by Reid Shier, Vancouver, British Columbia
-Tracy Lawrence Gallery, A Drawing Show, Vancouver, British Columbia
-Charles H. Scott Gallery, Surround, Vancouver, British Columbia
-Kabinett Gallerie, Mobile Homes, Bern, Switzerland
-John Hansard Gallery, Liminal/ Minimal/ Nominal.Architectural Traces, Southampton, UK
-Vancouver Art Gallery, These Days, Vancouver, British Columbia
-National Gallery Library, Proposals from Halifax, Ottawa, Canada
-Christopher Cutts Gallery, Serial Killers, Toronto, Ontario
-Platform Gallery, Serial Killers, London, UK
-Henry Moore Institute, Belvedere, curated by Penelope Curtis, Leeds, UK 1999
-Platform Gallery, From Memory, London, UK


Alex Morrison: Like Most Follies More Than A Joke And More Than A Whim, catalogue co-published in Vancouver by The Burnaby Art Gallery and SFU Art Gallery, essay by Andrew Berardini, interview by Denise Ryner

-Lars Bang Larsen and Jeff Derksen, Alex Morrison: Giving the Story a Treatment, Lukas & Sternberg, New York


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National Gallery of Canada
Art Gallery of Ontario
Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal
Vancouver Art Gallery
Burnaby Art Gallery
Art Gallery of Surrey, Canada
Helen Belkin Gallery, Vancouver
Zabludowicz Collection, London
Julia Stoschek Collection, Düsseldorf
Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach, Germany


Victoria College of Art and Design
Ontario College of Art and Design
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
Klasse Lucy Mckenzie, Kunst Akademie, Düsseldorf


Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
Embassy of Foreign Artists, Geneva
Bonnie McCombe Kreye Residency, Victoria, British Columbia